Studio Campedelli

We create, simply!

Italian animation production company

Studio Campedelli was founded in 2008 by Pietro Campedelli with the aim to develop properties, acquire rights and create high potential animation products. Among its latest projects, the CGI remake of Calimero, coproduced by Gaumont Animation, TV Tokyo, Kodansha, Calidra, Pagot; Atchoo, a coproduction with Cartobaleno and m4e AG; Tip the Mouse, co-produced by Studio Bozzetto, RAIFiction, m4e and Giunti Editore, one of the top five Italian Publisher and the first one for kids & children, per market share. In July 2014 the collaboration with Giunti Editore has turned into a corporate partnership with Studio Campedelli with the aim to create properties with a high potential on all platforms, implementing Licensing and Merchandising activities as well.

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Creation and development of Properties with Italian and International partners


Management of all stages of production for projects in animation