Cocco Bill

Executive Production

Format: TV Series – 1°series: 52 x 13’, 2°series: 52 x 13’
Target: Family
Genre: Comedy
Author: Benito Jacovitti


Co-produced by de Mas & Partners, RAI, EM TV, Agogo

Cocco Bill is an Italian comics character created in 1957 by Benito Jacovitti, which in 2001, thanks to deMas&Partners, Rai, EM TV and Agogo became the protagonist of a successful Animated Series. Cocco Bill is the star of a parody Western story, set in imaginary places in the old Far West. He is an hot-tempered gunslinger who drinks only chamomile tea and, together with his faithful horse Trottalemme, always helps sheriffs to capture criminals.