Pet Pals

Executive Production

Format: TV Series – 1°series: 26 x 13’, 2°series: 26 x 13’
Target: Kids 4-8
Genre: Comedy
Authors: Sergio and Francesco Manfio

Co-produced by Alcuni, RAI, Alphanim, Agogo, DQ Entertaiment

Pet Pals tells the funny adventures of a group of little animals that, joining their forces, always can overcome all obstacles: Olly, the straightforward cat, Cilindro, a shy little bunny who always trip over his big ears, Diva the conceited duck, Pio, the funny frog who loves telling jokes, a dumb nameless chick who communicates only using signs and finally Portatile (literally “Mobile”) the dog, so called because he swallowed a Mobile Phone when he was a child.