OPS – What an hOPSrible pack!


Format: TV Series 52 x 12′
Target: Kids 6-10
Genre: Comedy
Tecnique: 2D Animation

Based on the book series “Orrendi per sempre”, published by Giunti Editore.

Coproduced by da: Studio Campedelli, Movimenti Production, Rai Ragazzi, Cosmos Animation, Samka Productions

Did a small figure just whiz past you at a traffic light, racing on squeaky metal legs? Has the skeleton of a Velociraptor puppy, followed by a deathly pale little girl, crossed the street in front of you? Have you come across a boy with a scarred face playing a heart-rending tune on his harmonica that moved you to tears? Or did the girl who just crossed the road make your car horn, radio and window wipers go nuts? Don’t worry! You’re not going crazy. You’ve just come across the ‘OPS’ kids: the wildest, most grotesque and entertaining bunch of friends ever!