About Us

Today Studio Campedelli is a versatile and dynamic production company active in the creation and production of animated audiovisual content. Its offices are in Milan and Turin, two important poles of training, technology and digital innovation in the audiovisual sector.

With a working team boasting well-established skills in the field of animation, the studio oversees all stages in production, providing both creativity and coordination.

We work on the basis of a simple ideal: creating original, innovative, engaging content for cinema, television and other platforms.

We strongly believe in the importance of offering the market a wide range, presenting projects that are diversified in terms of style, format and content.

We see teamwork, sharing of ideas and visions, an openness to collaboration with foreign partners as essential ingredients ensuring the quality, originality and internationality of all our products.

Passion, professionalism and a pinch of madness…



Creation of the project concept, story editing and script development


Graphic research, character design, background and model pack


Production of storyboard and videoboard


Digital animation cut out and traditional


Post-production, editing and compositing